Reflections on a Hallows’ Eve, or Losing a Friend

It is immeasurably convenient for us that the year is separated in light and darkness. Unless you are at the equator, the night dominates October through March, and the day reigns from April through September. The spring and summer are ideal for starting new projects, growing existing ideas, and preparing for the harvest of our… Continue reading Reflections on a Hallows’ Eve, or Losing a Friend

Bad Things Happen to Good People

knight in shining armor on a green background

It’s a comforting thought that good people experience good things and bad people experience bad things. But, as anyone can observe, this is not always the case. It can provide comfort to imagine a cosmic order of judgement. But nature doesn’t judge. It isn’t interested in our definition of good and evil. So why do… Continue reading Bad Things Happen to Good People

The Little House of Cultural Expansion

I watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie named Injun Kid last night and was struck by a pivotal moment of cultural expansion. It was subtle, but well played, and analyzing it yields a fascinating look into human psychology and spirituality. In the episode, a half-Native American boy and his mother arrive in Walnut… Continue reading The Little House of Cultural Expansion

Faith and Responsibility

The universe rewards faith and responsibility in equal measure. No matter your belief system, you probably would agree that if you have faith, at least in your own abilities, you are more likely to succeed. This has been shown time in time again both in studies and in most people’s personal lives. Religious and spiritual… Continue reading Faith and Responsibility

The Patterns of Life

The universe has an uncanny and universal pattern of repeated themes at all levels of its existence. At the largest level the patterns of galaxies resemble living tissue under a microscope: The roads, cities, rivers, and suburbs have a strikingly similar pattern: From our view of the night sky, the lines between stars (the constellations)… Continue reading The Patterns of Life