Shifting Perception

Would you still be as conservative, liberal, “woke”, “red-pilled”, or some crazy combination of those if you had been born ten, twenty, fifty, or perhaps one-hundred years ago? What if you had been born in another state? Another country? This is an interesting and worthwhile thought experiment because it demonstrates the malleability of our cultural… Continue reading Shifting Perception

The Usefulness of Debate

Is debate a useful technique in hashing out issues, learning from one another, or exploring solutions? I used to think it was, but I am beginning to question that wisdom. I used to consider debating an enjoyable sport, but I have been lately seeing the futility of this tool of discourse. In the debates I have… Continue reading The Usefulness of Debate

The Carnival is In Town

Think about what happens to a TV show when it begins to struggle in the ratings. It tries new and drastic things, turning the plot and character development up on its end to be bold, innovative, and keep viewers tuning in to see what’s next.   It vaguely reminds me of our current political situation.… Continue reading The Carnival is In Town

Taxation is Theft, But…

It’s an oft-repeated phrase, especially around tax season. That libertarian friend you know and love will remind you that taking anything by force violates the non-aggression principle (or the NAP), a philosophical view that force of any kind, outside of self-defense, is wrong. In the strictest sense, your friend is right. No one wants forced… Continue reading Taxation is Theft, But…

Lead Us Not Into Division, and Deliver Us from -Isims

The holidays are a perfect time to gather your friends and family for wonderful celebrations and endless political and philosophical debates. Actually, I love debating philosophy year-round, but the holidays are an even better time to get into those deep, controversial topics. Your guests aren’t going to leave while they’re eating delicious sweet potato casserole,… Continue reading Lead Us Not Into Division, and Deliver Us from -Isims