The World is Ending Saturday

I don’t usually see messages of Armageddon in our local media, but this one caught my eye: World Will End Saturday, According to the Internet. If my local media is carrying the story, why it must be serious business. Rather than immediately laugh at this, I thought I’d actually watch the video. I gave it… Continue reading The World is Ending Saturday

Awesome Map Predicting Peak Foliage

Peak Fall Foliage

I bet you can’t say “predicting peak foliage” 5 times really fast! Everyone loves fall.  Even the people that don’t love fall like it because it would be wrong to do otherwise.  The slight chill in the air, Thanksgiving, Halloween, seeing women go nuts for pumpkin spiced everything.  But we can’t forget the single most… Continue reading Awesome Map Predicting Peak Foliage

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