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The World is Ending Saturday

I don’t usually see messages of Armageddon in our local media, but this one caught my eye: World Will End Saturday, According to the Internet. If my local media is carrying the story, why it must be serious business.

Rather than immediately laugh at this, I thought I’d actually watch the video. I gave it a whole 4 minutes and 21 seconds of my life.

Goofy special effects and acting aside, there are somewhat accurate astrological references in David Meade’s work, but that’s about it. He claims this somehow has to do with Niburu, the on-again-off-again destroyer of worlds that seems to never make a visual appearance.

The constellation Virgo always chases Leo because Leo comes before Virgo. And yes, Leo is a lion, associated with the Sun (or son, depending upon your interpretation), and Virgo is a symbol of virginity and womanhood. I suppose this is the tie-in with Meade’s prediction (the virgin Mary giving birth to a child), but it’s just weak astrological association at best combined with some sketchy religious reasoning.

Of course, like every end of the world prediction, when this one doesn’t come to pass it will be forgotten, and a new date will be trust upon the world for it’s demise. The prognosticators are never called to apologize or atone for their repeated mistakes.

We can glean a positive message from this: living in the now, as though you are on borrowed time, is good.

Awesome Map Predicting Peak Foliage

I bet you can’t say “predicting peak foliage” 5 times really fast!

Everyone loves fall.  Even the people that don’t love fall like it because it would be wrong to do otherwise.  The slight chill in the air, Thanksgiving, Halloween, seeing women go nuts for pumpkin spiced everything.  But we can’t forget the single most defining feature of autumn: absolutely gorgeous trees!

I’m blessed to live in an area with a lot of trees.  We’re just minutes from the Natchez Trace Parkway, home to some of the most beautiful fall foliage you will ever see.  When the trees hit their peak in October, it is a challenge to keep your eyes on the road.  I’m certain that the stunning fall scenery has been at least a partial reason for some unfortunate auto accidents.

Check out the fall foliage prediction map to see when the beautiful colors of fall will grace your neck of the woods.  The trees are just starting to turn in the northeastern United States and Rocky Mountain areas, and in the next few weeks the sea of brilliant hues of yellow, orange, and red will gradually work their way down the map.