Shifting Perception

Would you still be as conservative, liberal, “woke”, “red-pilled”, or some crazy combination of those if you had been born ten, twenty, fifty, or perhaps one-hundred years ago? What if you had been born in another state? Another country? This is an interesting and worthwhile thought experiment because it demonstrates the malleability of our cultural… Continue reading Shifting Perception

The Little House of Cultural Expansion

I watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie named Injun Kid last night and was struck by a pivotal moment of cultural expansion. It was subtle, but well played, and analyzing it yields a fascinating look into human psychology and spirituality. In the episode, a half-Native American boy and his mother arrive in Walnut… Continue reading The Little House of Cultural Expansion

The World is Ending Saturday

I don’t usually see messages of Armageddon in our local media, but this one caught my eye: World Will End Saturday, According to the Internet. If my local media is carrying the story, why it must be serious business. Rather than immediately laugh at this, I thought I’d actually watch the video. I gave it… Continue reading The World is Ending Saturday

Artificial Culture

I saw an interesting quote on Facebook today about the state of pop music. It was attributed to David Grohl, but I cannot 100% verify that he said it. Either way, I found it incredibly accurate. While I would disagree that most of it is fun to listen to, he makes a very valid point… Continue reading Artificial Culture

Offensive Cat Strollers

I enjoy watching Nomadic Fanatic, a YouTube channel by Eric Jacobs that journals his nomadic lifestyle in an RV. He travels from place to place, taking in the scenery and taking us along for the ride. He is both entertaining and informative. I highly recommended it to all my friends and family. Until, of course, he… Continue reading Offensive Cat Strollers

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