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Olivia and Maeva Cover Reveals

It’s been a hectic couple of days, but the launch of Olivia and Maeva is still set for April 5th. Lots of preparations are taking place behind the scenes, but I wanted to share a sneak peak of both covers.

Olivia and Maeva Covers

I’m grateful to have the help of Amber Stricklin, an amazing graphic artist, to help bring these covers to life.

Stay tuned for more updates, stay safe, and stay home.

Final Two Novels of Sign of Alchemy Series Launching April 5th

After over a year of blood, sweat, and proverbial tears, the final two novels of the Sign of Alchemy series will be launching on April 5th, 2020. For all you binge readers out there, you’ll be able to dive into two full-length novels spanning a total of almost 700 pages.

The first novel, Olivia, will follow the events immediately after the conclusion of Niv’leana. The second title, pending final name, will conclude the series.

I just wrote The End to the last book yesterday, and it was a bittersweet moment. I’m excited to release the conclusion of this epic saga, but also sad to see it come to an end.

I’ll be revealing the title and cover of the final book by the end of the month, and announcing Goodreads drawings for your chance to win a free copy!

Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t forget to sprinkle in a bit of magic in your everyday life whenever you can.

Streamer FemYoga To Review Dragonfly

My dear friend Ruby Calypso arranged for popular Persciope, YouTube, and Twitch streamer FemYoga to read and review Dragonfly on her channel. She announced the review Thursday on her live stream and will be broadcasting excerpts soon.

Haven’t bought Dragonfly for yourself yet? Enjoyed it and want to grab a copy for a friend? Head on over to Amazon and put that Prime or Kindle Unlimited membership to use!

Authentic Living

One of my new years resolutions in 2018 is to live an authentic life. The immediate question that comes to mind is – Robert, were you not living authentically?

Yes and no.

For sure, I try to be a good person. I think most of the time I succeed in that endeavor. I do not deceive and try to harm none. But my moral compass is not the focus of this change.

I live a genuine life, but many do not know the real me. Of course, there’s no reason for me to put my entire life in the public view. I am not that kind of person. I do not seek to validate my life through social media or my blog.

That said, I have denied myself  the opportunity to connect with my readers in a more genuine way. My books bare aspects of my soul, but my communications have suffered under two decades of trained corporate filtering.

It’s time to change that. It’s time to be authentic.

What does that mean for you, the reader? It means you’ll be hearing a lot more from me in 2018 and beyond. Rather than posts and messages sieved through a business-minded filter, I will be sharing details about my life, thoughts, and philosophy in a meaningful way that I hope you’ll be able to use in your life.

About 10 years ago, shortly before I started my first novel, I had a spiritual awakening. I emerged from years of post-Catholic atheistic malaise and dove head-first into exploring the world’s religions. I spent considerable time examining both popular and esoteric belief systems and philosophies and learned a lot. Some of that wisdom has seeped into the pages of my books.

Around the time of my second book, I discovered unknown fragments of my heritage. At least 85% of my ancestry comes from Irish and Native American  lineages. I had always felt a connection to these traditions, but never knew why. When I embraced the cultures, I fell in love with the Celtic traditions of ages past.

My ancestors who lived and died in Ireland gave me the benefit of a wonderful rich mystical heritage that has invigorated me in my spiritual studies. My writing improved when I connected with these traditions, and I felt as though I was finally living authentically.

Despite this, my public connections via social media and my blog were still twinged with marketing fluff. Sure, you read the real me – I actually typed those things and mean every single word. But I kept so much back from you. My celebration of the seasons, my rejoice in the majestic elements of nature, and the utter joy I feel being part of this beautiful creation is something I intend on sharing with you, not keeping to myself.

This doesn’t mean things are going to be all happy-shiny-wonderful. I adore the light and seek its truth and wisdom, but I will not be afraid to dive into shadow. It is in destruction we see the seeds of creation, and no life can be lived with any modicum of truth and balance without addressing the darker sides of our nature.

In the embrace of shadow we vanquish our demons and welcome the soothing warmth of day.

So, now it’s time to introduce myself as the real me. Robert, the author, the writer, the mystical spiritualist, the historian, philosopher, and general goofball who is trying, just like you, to make sense of this world.

Pleased to meet you. Let’s restart this journey together.

Welcome to the Jeweled Woods

Thanks for stopping by!

First off, I should formally introduce myself.  I’m Robert W. Oliver II, writer, blogger, programmer / IT guru, and amateur musician.

That’s where the formality ends.  I promise!

I have spent so much of my life as an entrepreneur that it’s been difficult for me to open up and show a more personal side to my public existence.  I started my primary business in a day where the personal connection was shunned.  Putting your best corporate foot forward was considered essential, and the intimate detail that is now so common for, and frankly expected, by millennials in the brands and businesses they consume was shunned. Now all of that has changed, and I am faced with the choice of being the curmudgeonly old man at the ripe age of 36 who says “Get off my lawn!” at these whippersnappers, or roll with the flow and connect with the public in a more personal way.

I’m not just doing this because its the in thing to do.  Those that know me well (and if you stick around for a while you’ll gradually move to that category) know that I do not do things because they are popular.  Sometimes something being popular detracts me from doing it (just ask my wife about my overwhelming meh about Game of Thrones).  No – I’m doing it because I think I’ll like it, and I hope you will too.

So what’s with the name, Jeweled Woods?  It’s from the book trilogy I wrote, The Bravest of Souls. It’s a fantasy forest where the trees are stuck in a sort of permanent autumn, casting a beautiful array of colors ranging from the typical yellows and reds to more vibrant purple and blue hues. The light that trickles through the canopy creates a surrealistic, stained glass tint to the air that puts any Instagram filter to shame. Nearly everyone who has contacted me about the book talks about how they’d love to visit the Jeweled Woods, so I thought it’d be an appropriate name for a blog.

I am so thankful that my readers take the time to open my books and dive into the universes that I love to create, so I feel that  I owe it to them, and myself, to open the book that is me a bit more and let the world inside.

Yes, I ended that last sentence with a preposition.  I’m already starting to be rebellious!  This is going to be fun.