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Dragonfly Book CoverIn 1852, Isabella and her family set out on the Oregon Trail from Independence, Missouri in search of a better life. When Izzy experiences startling déjà vu and a strong premonition about their family’s journey, she knows everything is not as it seems. As all appears lost in the raging of the Big Blue River, Izzy is overwhelmed by a strange phenomenon. It’s the last thing she’s aware of as she closes her eyes to die.

Pawnee warrior, Kuruks, doesn’t know what to make of the half-dead woman he finds stranded in the Nebraskan Territory with no supplies and days away from help. If this is the girl the medicine woman from his village sent him to find, he must help her.

But why is she important to his tribe, and what do her disturbing dreams mean? The answers must lie in his Pawnee village, a place where Izzy finds it difficult and even dangerous to fit in.

As they begin their journey together, Izzy and Kuruks discover secrets and ancient destinies that far surpass their wildest imaginings. As they cross into dangerous and unknown realms, can keep Izzy safe, and can they keep their growing love alive across a lifetime—and beyond?

Lilly | Sign of Alchemy Series

Lilly | Sign of Alchemy SeriesWidowed Mauria works day and night to provide for her sons as the deadly Proctor Wars rage near her homestead. When she discovers a wounded Proctor hiding near her property, she knows she shouldn’t assist. But when she recognizes the beautiful woman from one of her many clairvoyant dreams, she knows she must help.

Lilly is a warrior and would rather die alone in the woods than accept help from someone on the side of those who seek to destroy her people. But Mauria is different. Lilly soon realizes there’s more than a passing connection between them—if Mauria can work through her confusion over being attracted to a woman.

As the battle continues, they risk everything to be together. Will their love be enough to carry them through an uncertain future, especially when the painful consequences of their wartime choices threaten everyone they love?

Niv’leana | Sign of Alchemy Series

Niv'leana | Sign of AlchemyNiv’leana has spent her whole life under the beautiful canopy of The Jeweled Woods. Now, as a restless young woman, she longs for adventure, knowing there’s more to life than her closed group of family and friends. When a mysterious older woman visits, Niv’s previously undetected magical gifts surface. After these powers save her brother from certain death, Niv knows she must travel to Selendis and explore her destiny, despite it taking her far from the safety of home.

Shareis, a member of the mysterious feminine Proctor race, has one mission: Capture Niv’leana for Vorea, the evil sorceress bent on dominating the continent. But fate has other plans when Niv and Shareis find themselves in a common battle with the help of a band of warriors they’ve collected along the way.

In the midst of their budding attraction, Niv and Shareis fight to stop the malicious reign of Vorea, and carve out a life together with their unexpected love and growing relationships with old and new allies.