Snow Day

Snow Day Kindle Cover

I’m delighted to announce that my new novel, Snow Day, is now available in both Kindle and print editions on Amazon.

Snow Day: One Woman’s Journey Through Anxiety to Love

For Miranda, her grandmother’s historic home is more than her most valuable possession. It’s her safety net in the throes of agoraphobia. Despite her promising career as a graphic artist, she struggles with anxiety, and cannot run a simple errand outside of her home. Panic attacks keep her from the things she wants—and needs—to do. When she loses her home in a devastating storm, she is forced outside her comfort zone. Her longtime friend is her only lifeline for help as she struggles to rebuild her life. When a new love interest enters her nightmare, her issues only get worse.

Recovering alcoholic, Kevin, is bolstered by metaphysical guidance to have faith in Miranda, even after she’s lost it in herself. Their off-the-chart chemistry is quickly dulled by the realization Miranda must first deal with her anxiety before they can fully enter a balanced relationship. Will they make it through the challenging maze of healing and emotions?

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