Cat Stroller 2: Return of the Manliness

In a very artful poke at the trolls, Nomadic Fanatic lets the women of Las Vegas tell us how manly and attractive a man is carrying a cat (and dog) in a stroller. Eric takes his feline companion in a stroller down the strip and catches more female attention than his trolls could ever accumulate in a year. When asked in an informal poll, they all said that it was not a sign of weakness, and in fact, many saw it as a sign of strength and security.

In case you missed the last post on this topic, trolls gave Eric a very difficult time about carrying his cat in a stroller. Of course this is just jealousy, but he handled it like a pro. Since Eric takes a considerable beating in the pond scum of YouTube comments, this vindication must feel incredibly sweet.

1 thought on “Cat Stroller 2: Return of the Manliness

  1. Marsha B says:

    I think its adorable for a man to care for his pet this way! Also, it shows women that if he would do this for his cat that he may also be an attentive future father 🙂


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