Having Car Trouble is Not a Capital Offense

Car Trouble is Not a Capital Offense

In the past day or two I have seen a lot of excuses being made for the death of Terence Crutcher.  They range from:

  • If he had only followed orders
  • He shouldn’t have stopped in the middle of the road

Both of these are akin to the age old excuse of “She should have just kept her legs closed”, or “She might not have been raped if she wasn’t wearing such provocative clothing.”

When asked if traffic violations should result in summary judicial execution, I’m left with either blank faces, “wow”, or incessant stammering.  The excuses themselves ring hollow and smack of thinly veiled love of big government authoritarianism.  It’s really that simple.

I’ve asked the people who have made these excuses how they feel about small government.  They love it.  They want the federal government to shrink to about the size of a pea.  They don’t mind their state and local governments being ridiculously large, though, and they are apparently OK with traffic offenses (especially ones like having a tail light out) resulting in immediate judicial execution without due process.  And some of these same people are the ones I’ve seen complain about Obama violating the constitution.

The cognitive dissonance here is overwhelming.  If you want to Make America Great Again, then you must start by granting its citizens as much liberty as possible.  To do that, you put no one above another.  Not one person should be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process.  No one should be shot dead in the streets unless they have a weapon and intend to do harm to others.  These are not things that the constitution gives one inch on.  This is not a matter of interpretation, and this certainly isn’t something that is dependent upon the color of your skin.

What will it take for all Americans to understand that when one person’s rights are trampled, we all are gravely injured.  We used to understand that – our founding fathers not only held these truths to be self-evident but enshrined their very love of liberty into an imperfect, yet inspiring form of government.  We benefit from these brave men’s vision every single day.  Let us not tarnish it by spilling the blood of its citizens.


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