Welcome to the Jeweled Woods

Jeweled Woods Background

Thanks for stopping by!

First off, I should formally introduce myself.  I’m Robert W. Oliver II, writer, blogger, programmer / IT guru, and amateur musician.

That’s where the formality ends.  I promise!

I have spent so much of my life as an entrepreneur that it’s been difficult for me to open up and show a more personal side to my public existence.  I started my primary business in a day where the personal connection was shunned.  Putting your best corporate foot forward was considered essential, and the intimate detail that is now so common for, and frankly expected, by millennials in the brands and businesses they consume was shunned. Now all of that has changed, and I am faced with the choice of being the curmudgeonly old man at the ripe age of 36 who says “Get off my lawn!” at these whippersnappers, or roll with the flow and connect with the public in a more personal way.

I’m not just doing this because its the in thing to do.  Those that know me well (and if you stick around for a while you’ll gradually move to that category) know that I do not do things because they are popular.  Sometimes something being popular detracts me from doing it (just ask my wife about my overwhelming meh about Game of Thrones).  No – I’m doing it because I think I’ll like it, and I hope you will too.

So what’s with the name, Jeweled Woods?  It’s from the book trilogy I wrote, The Bravest of Souls. It’s a fantasy forest where the trees are stuck in a sort of permanent autumn, casting a beautiful array of colors ranging from the typical yellows and reds to more vibrant purple and blue hues. The light that trickles through the canopy creates a surrealistic, stained glass tint to the air that puts any Instagram filter to shame. Nearly everyone who has contacted me about the book talks about how they’d love to visit the Jeweled Woods, so I thought it’d be an appropriate name for a blog.

I am so thankful that my readers take the time to open my books and dive into the universes that I love to create, so I feel that  I owe it to them, and myself, to open the book that is me a bit more and let the world inside.

Yes, I ended that last sentence with a preposition.  I’m already starting to be rebellious!  This is going to be fun.

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