Author of Snow Day, Dragonfly, and the Sign of Alchemy Series

Welcome to the Jeweled Woods

The Jeweled Woods is a beautiful forest nestled in a distant corner of the fantasy world of Selandis. It’s such a wonderful place that I decided it made the perfect namesake for my personal website.

I’m an Author, Editor, and Ghostwriter

I’ve written multiple best settling novels, including Dragonfly and the Sign of Alchemy Series. I love to explore philosophical themes, and have delved into magical realism, fantasy, spirituality, historical fiction, and cultural analysis.

I’ve also edited and ghostwritten several books and written numerous viral articles for major publications.

Server Admin, Developer, and Technical Writer

I’ve managed thousands of Linux and Windows servers, advised and consulted for hundreds of clients on both physical infrastructure and cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services and Azure, and have been developing web, desktop, and server applications for over two decades.

I’ve compiled thousands of pages of technical documentation, manuals (for both public and internal consumption), wikis, how-to guides, and proposals for a wide variety of clientele.

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